PDFreactor Samples

Learn how to integrate PDFreactor and what you can do with it

Easy Integration

PDFreactor works with any language. Check out code examples and try yourself.

Use Cases

Science Magazine

A magazine article created with the help of:

  • Regions
  • Web Fonts
  • Page-filling Background Images
  • Semitransparent backgrounds
  • Text Shadow

Page size: A4



This book layout makes use of:

  • Page Headers
  • Page Counters & Chapter Titles
  • First, Last & Named Pages
  • Running Table Headers
  • Gradients
  • Text & Box Shadow

Page size: A4


Tourist Brochure

A brochure trifold ready for the printer:

  • Spot & CMYK Colors
  • TIFF Images
  • Oversized Page Sizes
  • PDF Page Boxes & Printer Marks
  • Web Fonts
  • Transforms

Page size: A4 Landscape


Daily Newspaper

The front page of a newspaper, created with:

  • Web fonts
  • Multi-column layout
  • Floats
  • JavaScript (generated poll)

Page size: 325mm × 480mm


Mortgage Calculation

A business document that uses features like:

  • PDF Comments
  • Running Elements
  • Canvas Charts
  • SVG Images

Page size: legal



Illustrates tables, graphs and charts in the style of a scientific Report. Uses the Open Source JavaScript libraries “flotr2” and “Awesomizr”.

  • Manipulating HTML with JavaScript
  • Using JavaScript Libraries
  • Canvas
  • Latest CSS3 Properties
  • Advanced CSS Selectors

Page size: letter


Official Form

The official W-8BEN form is used by foreign entities to certify their US tax withholding status.

  • Using CSS and HTML to lay out complex forms
  • Styled interactive forms

Page size: letter


Corporate Invoice

An Invoice sheet that uses:

  • AngularJS
  • Templating from JSON Data
  • Localized Dates, Numbers & Currencies
  • Dynamic Subtotal Insertion
  • 2D Barcode

Page size: A4


Technical Documentation

Presents a CSS designed to display W3C documents compliant to W3C’s XHTML 1.0.

  • Inserting page number of internal link targets
  • Complex 60+ pages document

Page size: A4


Children’s Novel

A novel layout that features:

  • Table of Contents
  • Spelled-out Chapter Numbers
  • First-letter Drop Caps
  • Left, Right & Blank Pages
  • Automatic Hyphenation
  • 150+ Pages of Content

Page size: letter


Real Customer Applications

Building Services Equipment Product Catalog

  • Cross-references
  • Table of contents
  • Multi-column layout
  • CSS transforms
  • Tables and floats
  • Printer marks
  • CMYK colors

Shows a 680+ page product catalog from Walter Bösch GmbH & Co KG. A Web-to-Print project done by the elements Group (pimcore GmbH) using PDFreactor embedded into Pimcore PIM, an open source enterprise product information management framework.

DIN A4 (32 MB)| more info about PDFreactor + Pimcore PIM

Product Catalogue

Wood Flooring Price List

  • Multi-column layout
  • CSS transforms
  • Tables and floats
  • Printer marks
  • CMYK colors

See a 130+ page price list from mafi Naturholzboden GmbH, Austria. A B2B/B2C (including web-to-print) project done by the elements Group (pimcore GmbH) using PDFreactor as the Pimcore plug-in.
DIN A4 (5.9 MB)| more info about PDFreactor + Pimcore PIM

Gardening Product Catalog

  • Table of contents
  • Tables & floats
  • Printer marks
  • CMYK colors

See the 160+ page gardening catalog from Windhager Group, Austria. A B2C (including web-to-print) project done by the elements Group (pimcore GmbH) using PDFreactor as the Pimcore plug-in.
DIN A4 (23 MB)| more info about PDFreactor + Pimcore PIM

Terrace Designer Report

  • Tables & floats
  • CMYK colors

See the terrace designer report from JAF Group, Austria. Elements Group (pimcore GmbH) built this sophisticating B2B e-commerce platform, using Pimcore eCommerce, Pimcore PIM and RealObjects PDFreactor.
DIN A4 (1 MB)| more info about PDFreactor + Pimcore PIM

HRD Brochures

  • Multi-column layout
  • Sophisticated page design
  • Complex headers and footers
  • Background images

Brochures for HRD and training purposes, created from CMS data for website publishing by Schouten & Nelissen


Position Statement

  • Web fonts
  • Generated content
  • Multi-column layout
  • Page margins

Printer-friendly, journal quality position statements (full-length HTML) published by the Canadian Paediatric Society (CPS)

US-Letter| case study


  • Alternating page styles (left/right)
  • Dynamic headers and footers with chapter and subchapter title as well as page numbers
  • Multiple tables of contents
  • Justification with automatic hyphenation

Shows the 690+ page public curricula for the Bavarian secondary business schools provided by the Staatsinstitut für Schulqualität und Bildungsforschung (ISB)

DIN A4 (8MB)


  • Highcharts
  • CSS print media query
  • JavaScript

Printable and sharable PDF reports for Reviews, Semantic Analysis, and Guest Surveys provided by ReviewPro



  • Table of Contents
  • Printer marks
  • Graphs

High quality print ready PDFs of learning material and textbooks by EDGE Learning Media




A demonstration of the Regions layout feature. Includes various use cases, e.g. positioning reagions around images and into shapes.

  • Regions
  • Automatic hyphenation

Page size: A4



A demonstration of the Multi-Column layout feature. Includes various use cases, e.g. a dictionary or a restaurant card.

  • Multi-column
  • Column span
  • Automatic hyphenation

Page size: A4


Flexible Box Layout

A demonstration of the Flexbox layout feature. Demonstrates how to arrange multiple items inside a container, how to let them flow in rows or columns, and how they behave with regards to page breaks.

  • Flexbox

Page size: A4



Demonstrates the usage of CSS3 footnotes in an HTML document.

  • Footnotes

Page size: A4



This document demonstrates the rendering capabilities of different writing systems and Unicode characters.

  • Bi-directional Text
  • Mixed Content
  • Automatic Arabic Shaping
  • Logical Properties

Page size: A4



Compound Formats

Demonstrate how to add various compound formats to your PDF.

  • Bar Codes & 2D Bar Codes
  • QR Codes
  • SVG Images
  • MathML Formulas
  • PDFs as Images

Page size: A4


Styled Forms

Demonstrates HTML forms and interactive PDF forms (sometimes refered to as AcroForms) capabilities of PDFreactor.

  • HTML and PDF forms
  • Styling forms
  • Automatic resizing of textareas

Page size: letter landscape


PDF Features


Demonstrates how to create PDF Bookmarks

  • PDF bookmarks

Page size: A4



Demonstrates how to create PDF Comments.

  • PDF comments

Page size: A4



Demonstrates how to create tagged and PDF/A compliant PDFs

  • Tags
  • PDF/A

Page size: A4


Interactive Live Demonstrations

Business Cards

This interactive demo shows how PDFreactor can be used in an online Web-to-print application to process the layout and content of business cards.

The resulting printable PDF comes with crop marks and can directly be sent to a digital printer.

An image, dynamically generated using the Raster Image Output option, will show a preview of the resulting business card on-the-fly.

Dynamic Invoice

This demonstration shows how PDFreactor can be used to generate invoices on-the-fly. A form allows you to select articles and quantities from a fictional brewery.

The form will generate a XML file that is passed to PDFreactor via a Servlet. PDFreactor then converts the XML data by applying a XSLT style sheet and streams the result to a PDF document.

Raster Image Output

This interactive demo shows how the Raster Image Output option can be used to create images from your HTML documents.

You can generate quick previews or thumbnails as well as one long, continuous image that displays your document exactly like a screenshot from a browser.